Restaurant Guide: Where to get Sushi

Discover the best restaurants in Lima where you can go out to indulge in Japanese food while on vacation in Peru.

One of Lima’s premier dining genres and experiences is sushi as a result of the convergence of Japanese influence, Guest Posting excellent seafood widely available and talented sushi chefs sushi near me. Couple that with the high demand from enthusiasts not only across the city, but also travelers coming from everywhere and you have what might be the some of the greatest sushi restaurants in all of Peru. Whether you are looking to dine at the sushi counter or at a western-style table, you have options galore in Lima when it comes to eating scrumptious Japanese fare. The following are the dining establishments that every Japanese food connoisseur needs to incorporate into their trip to Peru.

Matsuei was the first true Japanese restaurant that was established in Lima, more than 30 years ago. Receiving high distinction, they have been acknowledged as one of the five best sushi bars in the entire world by the Summit Foundation in 2003. Matsuei features the culinary masterpieces of the venerated Japanese super-chef Nobu Matsuhisa once co-owned this quaint sushi bar, now situated on a San Isidro street. It may have somewhat of a modest appearance, but Matseui serves up some of the most spectacular sashimi and maki in all of Lima. The menu praises traditional Japanese ingredients and flavors, but does nod to their Peruvian heritage in some of their rolls such as the tiradito del milenio (salmon, tuna, octopus, scallops). If you sit sushi bar front, you will have fun chatting with chefs and watching them preparing rolls. Some excellent desserts featured on the menu are the banana with almonds, nuts and coconut in a caramel sauce and the lucuma mousse with sake.

The sushi restaurant, Edo is a favorite among locals and tourists with its blend the noble traditions of both Peruvian and Japanese flavors creating a unique fusion. The décor is inspired by a typical Japanese minimalistic style, primarily with red and black colors and an even distribution of space. There are works by Peruvian artists hanging from the walls creates a welcoming atmosphere. The ingredients used for their sushi are fresh and delicious. You can sit at the bar to watch the preparation of maki and sushi rolls, beware that you might get too lost in the moment and think for a second that you are actually in Japan. This fantastic restaurant can be found throughout Lima in the districts of Miraflores, San Isidro, San Borja, La Molina and Magdalena.

Wasabi Sushi and Rolls is a new concept, created by the same owners of their other Japanese restaurant Hanzo, to enjoy sushi rolls and maki in an informal and fun atmosphere. The interior and overall atmosphere of the restaurant is extremely unique boasting walls covered in graffiti, the background music is mostly by alternative and modern rock bands, and there are several arcade video game machines. Wasabi offers customers a bargain meal with their “All You Can Eat” option which includes free beverage refills for only S/.45. This generous deal allows you the freedom to try as many of their crazy flavors such as their ceviche or lomo saltado sushi, or perhaps one of their decadent dessert sushi. Happy Hour for drinks starts everyday at 8pm has plenty of original drinks to try with funny names that with the sound of Japanese accent to resemble words in Spanish. They take delivery orders.