Learning Palm Reading – Where Do You Start?

Learning palm reading can be a great hobby or a way to make a bit of extra money. The knowledge you gain along the journey to learning palm reading will help you understand your own character traits and why certain things have occurred in your life. It can also give you that insight you need to be able to understand why you react a certain way when given some of life’s challenges.

There are different opinions on which palm should be read. My own belief is that you need to read both palms to be able to get an accurate interpretation. Each person has an ‘active head’ and a ‘passive hand’. The active hand is your dominant hand, or the one that you write with. The passive hand does not change throughout our lives, it remains as it was when we were first born and depicts our inherited characteristics and our potential. The dominant hand changes during our lives as we live through our experiences and face certain health issues.

The first thing you need to focus on when learning palmreading is the 3 major lines that are found on everybody’s palm. These are:

• Life Line – this line is an indicator of how well you live your life, not how long you will live (as many people believe)

• Head Line – this line is a representation of how your mind works.

• Heart Line – this line represents matters of the heart, physical and emotional factors

It is interesting to note that, in rare cases, the Head Line and the Heat Line fuse together to form a line that goes straight across the palm and is referred to as the ‘simian line’.

Learning palm reading is more than just looking at the lines on the palm, there are other aspects of the hand that should also be considered:

• Size

• Shape

• Color

• Texture

• Nails

• The way in which you hold your hands

You will have lots of fun when you discover things about yourself and your friends with the new skills you have gained by learning to read palms.

Barbara Slavin first become interested in palm reading when her son was born with a simian line on both of his palms. It was only minutes after his birth that the midwife pointed out this fact as part of their routine check for down syndrome, as a simian line is one of the indicators that a baby may be down syndrome. Since starting an investigation around the simian line, she then progressed to the understanding all the aspects of palm reading. She has written many informative articles on how to read palms