Different Carpet Cleaning Methods – Importance

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, Guest Posting there are several types of cleaning methods that most Carpet Cleaning Orange County companies may use. Each of these will give different results and are appropriate for different styles of carpeting and level of soil. It is important to discuss these options with your carpet cleaning Huntington Beach company before the job so that you know which one is the best choice for your home and ensure that the professionals that you hire are proficient in the type of cleaning that you want for the appearance and long life of your home’s carpet home cleaning Houston.


Shampooing is a good option for light cleaning performed every few weeks to maintain the beauty of your carpeting. In this method a wet shampooing solution will be applied to your carpeting using a machine that features scrubbing disks to work the shampoo into the carpet. After the shampoo dries, which may take several hours, the solution and dirt are vacuumed up. This is not a totally thorough cleaning method, though. Some of the dry shampoo and dirt will remain even after vacuuming.

Foam Shampooing

This method works similarly to wet shampooing, but the cleaning solution is applied in the form of a “dry” foam. This foam has nearly no drying time and many machines that are used to apply the cleaning agent also have a vacuum so that the entire process can be completed quickly.

Powder Cleaning

Cleaning with an absorbent powder means no drying time. The powder is applied and then vacuumed up, taking with it most of the dirt from your carpet. This, too, is a method best used for regular cleanings rather than as a deep cleaning method.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most well-known of the carpet cleaning types. The term “steam cleaning” is a misnomer, however, as the system does not actually use any steam. This is the most effective and thorough method of cleaning your carpets. A professional steam cleaning, which is more formally referred to as a hot water extraction, is capable of cleaning very deeply into the carpet, removing dirt and allergens that other methods would leave behind. This is a great option for yearly maintenance, especially if your carpets see a lot of traffic or your family deals with allergies. With this method a machine forces pressurized hot water and cleaning solution into your carpet and then vacuums it up.

The best Carpet Cleaning Orange County companies have truck-based steam cleaning devices that use much hotter water and greater pressure than you could achieve in your own home. This allows not only for better cleaning, but the dirt, water and heat are all sucked back out of your home and into the truck after the cleaning. This means better results and faster drying times.

While it is possible to clean your carpets yourself, you won’t be able to achieve the results of a professional cleaning. Choosing a carpet cleaning company that is skilled and reputable will save you the hassle of trying to pick the right cleaning method for your carpet and then attempting to get the cleaning done correctly. If you choose the wrong method or don’t do it correctly, you can face damaged carpet or the need to repeat the cleaning. This can be expensive and frustrating.

A certified Carpet Cleaning Orange County service will know the right cleaning solution for your carpet and be able to perform the cleaning quickly and effectively, so you can just enjoy the beauty and lasting life of your carpeting.