Body Mole Removal

Body Mole Removal can seem very scary for someone who is not a fan of being in the doctor’s office or despises the thought of having a knife next to their skin. However, the procedures available are actually very simple. Having a body mole removal done by a dermatologist is virtually a daily thing for them since the vast majority are quick and easy.

Body mole removals are among the easiest. They are often in hidden areas and the reasons for getting them removed can be for a wide variety of reasons. Even if it is just something you are self-conscious about or if it is rubbing and becoming irritated by clothing, these are all good reasons to have it removed.

One of the early steps you might consider taking before even seeing a dermatologist about a body mole removal is you should ask your insurance company if they would be willing to pay to have it removed. I have heard a lot of stories from others who said their insurance companies were not willing to pay for this because it was considered a cosmetic surgery.

From my understanding, checking to see if the mole on wrist is malignant is one of the things that most insurance companies will pay for though. Generally the initial doctors appointment the doctor will take a small biopsy of the mole and look at it underneath a microscope. In the event that he is not able to tell immediately whether it is malignant or not it will be sent to a lab for further testing. If he is able to tell immediately, he may ask you at the same appointment if you would like to have it removed. This is why it is good to know if the insurance company will be paying for it ahead of time.

Having it removed is often very simple and several methods are used depending on location of the mole, size, and how far it goes below the skin surface. The most common methods are to either cut it off or burn it off using electricity. Body mole removal can also be performed with a laser.