Things to Consider For the Perfect Dog Bed

A recent National Pet Owners Survey found that 39% of American household owns at least a dog and that there are in the region of 73 million owned dogs in the United States. Apart from cats, dogs are considered to be one of the most popular pets among American families.

With many dog breeds to choose from, American dog owners are always advice to choose one that suits their personality, living space and lifestyle because certain dogs have specific needs and requirement that needs special attention from their owners. There is however one thing that all dogs need from their owners and that is a good sleeping facility. Your dog’s sleeping routine is important in order for him or her to lead a happy and active life.

This article seeks to help you choose the perfect dog beds from the many choices available in the market so that you can provide a good sleeping facility for your dog. Hopefully, it can help make a better informed purchase and of course to get the best value for your money.

Understanding Your Dog’s Characteristics

You must take into consideration all of his or her characteristics such as, type, size, age and habits. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

1. Will your dog continue to grow in size and be too huge for the bed? If yes, you might want to consider getting a bigger size bed.

2. How old is your dog? Does he require special bedding for extra comfort?

3. The chewing habits of your dog is also a good point to keep in mind. For example, if he or she enjoys chewing on things, the bed will most probably be the next target, so you may want to look for a chew proof dog bed or a material that your dog does not enjoy chewing on. All this information can be assess by observing your dog more closely.

Accessibility and Comfort

There are many varieties of dog beds in order to match every dog’s requirements from pillow-like mats that can be placed on the floor to luxurious and expensive furniture beds. Depending on your personal budget and how much you want to spend you can make your choice; however, you must not forget to keep in mind your dog’s comfort and accessibility as well.

Dog beds are sometimes purchased before or on the same day that you get the pet and therefore you don’t have any opportunity to know his or her personality in advance. Due to this reason, you may get a bed that is not suitable. However, if you keep in mind his present size and his abilities to get into the bed with ease, it should make your choice simpler.

Different Types of Dog Beds

If you watch your dog’s habits carefully especially when he or she is sleeping you will be able to decide what type of bed he or she would enjoy the most, For example, small dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier enjoy curling and sleeping so a basket bed would be most suitable so you can place it on the couch next to you or move it to the room you are in. on the other hand, a Golden Retriever will want much more space then a basket dog bed and you will probably have to change it a few times as he or she grows.

It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the large variety of dog beds available in the market, ranging from different shapes, sizes to colors and designs. Apart from the size and comfort of your dog, bear in mind that you can also choose the type of dog bed that will match your home’s décor, personal preference of colors or specific shape or design to pamper your best friend.

With so much said the final decision of buying any type of dog bed really depends on your preference. Just make sure you buy one that is practical and comfortable for your dog, instead of one that simply complement your house décor, and forgetting about your dog presence. Ultimately, your dog is going to be the one who use the bed!

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