Save Money With an Overclocked Gaming PC

It used to be that in order to play the latest and greatest PC games you had to have the latest and greatest hardware as well. This is an expensive proposition. Top video cards along routinely go for more than the price of a processor and motherboard, which in themselves can cost as much as an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

One of the most demoralizing problems is that gaming companies often develop their games in anticipation of hardware that won’t even become available to the public until around the time their game will be released. Compounding the problem, the top-top of the line computer hardware always seems to cost nearly double the price of similar hardware just a few models down despite only offering 5% to 10% better performance. Yet, the hardcore gamer couldn’t satisfy their needs without that extra 10% computing power. This led many gamers to become locked into a very expensive cycle, year after year, until recently.

Hardware manufacturers have always known that their products’ primary limitations are set by heat. Friction at an atomic level occurs as electrons go zooming through the silicon mazes they create, and the faster those impulses go the more heat is generated. Essentially, the primary difference between the fast computer chips of today and the slower chips of yesteryear is the chip manufacturers discovered ways to fit more pathways into a smaller space (allowing faster travel from one side of the die to the other) without generating more heat (or using materials that could withstand it better).

What it all comes down to is that manufacturers set these chips to lower speed settings than they are capable of, because they know the chip can withstand a lot of heat on that setting — but computers are programmable and it’s possible to make those chips go faster. Keeping the chips cooler could even mean they would last equally as long as ones using the manufacturer’s settings, but even with less than optimal cooling a properly overclocked chip will nearly always outlast its usefulness to someone who needs to upgrade their hardware frequently.

Originally this was only something hardcore techie gamers did. They experimented with different overclocked settings and even different cooling methods. You don’t have to be a techie to get your hands on an overclocked gaming PC these days though. Overclocking is well past its infancy and now expert techs have teamed up with some custom PC builders to pre-build overclocked systems anyone can buy and use. You don’t even have to know anything about overclocking, the simple matter is you can buy cheaper hardware that’s been overclocked to run as fast as much more expensive gaming PCs. For gamers trapped in the hardware cycle, this represents an enormous opportunity to reduce the annual cost of buying new hardware.

If you’ve got money to burn, the top-top of the line computer gaming hardware is fantastic. But for most of us the ability to purchase pre-overclocked gaming PCs is a great new way to get top of the line performance for a much smaller investment. is a leading supplier of High Performance Desktop PCs and computer hardware in South Africa. When shopping for new computer, we recommend you to look at these Custom Built Home & Office Desktop PCs, AMD Overclocked Gaming PCs, Extreme Gaming Computers and Intel Core i7 Overclocked Desktops Gaming Systems.

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