Dog Training: Communicate With Your Dog Using The Call Command

Communicating with your dog through basic training skills makes a difference in how they respond to you. If you want to make sure they respond when you call their name and don’t want to use dog training classes Dog trainers Houston tx, then you will want to master speaking to them with the call command. This command is essential for every dog owner as it helps your pet to obey you while staying out of trouble.

The call command is used to make sure that a dog stays by your side and doesn’t go into unwanted areas. Most dog training classes recommend using this part of training before moving into any other type of obedience skills. If you are outdoors, then you can use the command to prevent fights, stop dogs from going into the wrong area or walking up to strangers and children. By teaching them how to come at your call, you will prevent unnecessary situations and will stop trouble from occurring.

The one problem that occurs with teaching a dog the call command is based on behaviors and personalities. Most dogs are interested in finding new things, sniffing out different areas and exploring territories. The ability of teaching them to come at your call requires continuous perseverance and initiatives so they learn to come when you want them to, even in environments that are distracting. Some will use clicker dog training to top this; however, there are other ways to teach different commands and behavioral expectations, such as positive dog training.

The best way to teach your dog to come when you call is to give them a reward when they come. Positive dog training leads repetition of the same behavior and eventually trains dogs to come at your command. When you first begin, you want to provide your dog with attention and treats to promote the call. You also want to praise them by speaking in a higher tone and telling them they are good. Over time, you can stop giving them treats and respond with high praise. The positive response is one that should always be used with your dog. Whenever you use the reward system, you want to make sure that the dog is focused on the positive attention and understands that when they come to your call, they get a positive response.

The rewards from positive dog training should be combined with building the right type of focus for your dog. If you are outside or in an environment that is distracting, your dog may not come. You will want to start training your dog indoors and when there are no distractions. Setting up a time to train your dog without the clicker dog training and instead responding with praising and treats will get your dog used to the command quickly. When you begin to do this, make sure you use “come” as the main reward or their name. After they are used to this command in the home, you can change the environment to outside training. However, you should always start by training them on a long leash so they don’t go too far or become distracted. You also want to teach them for short periods of time because of a dog’s attention span.

Making sure your dog is obedient is the first step to stopping behavioral problems while preventing dangerous situations. The calling command is one of the first dog training behaviors taught and used with dog training classes. With consistency and practice, you can easily teach your dog to come at every command while providing them with positive responses that helps with communication between you and your pet.